Magic: the Gathering

Junior Planechase

Much is said of the Plansewalkers and their amazing abilities, but less oft talked about is the planes themselves and the effect they have on Magic. Discover now the strength of the planes!

Planechase is a multiplayer Magic format where players may attempt to shift the battle from plane to plane seeking an advantage over their opponents. Each plane has a constant effect while it is in play, and an enhanced planar effect when a planeswalker manages to successfully tap the power of the plane.

There will be a stack of planes cards in the center of each table. When the game begins, the starting player will reveal the first plane from the top of the deck after their draw phase. Each player may roll the planar die for free once during their turn. They may pay a cumulative one mana for each time they wish to roll the planar die additional times until they can no longer pay the cost or they decide to stop.

Format will be Legacy, using both the Legacy and Commander banned lists.

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