Magic: the Gathering

WAR Planeswalker Weekend

Come in and draft for Ravnica at the War of the Spark Planeswalker Weekend! We've got full-art and alternative-art promo cards to give out, plus a twist for the drafts: Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that you'll be able to play every Planeswalker you open, regardless of the color of your deck.

  • Rolling signups starting at 11 AM.
  • 8-player drafts with 3 booster packs of War of the Spark per player.
  • Prizes awarded in store credit based on win/loss record:
  • $17 for 3-0
  • $15.25 for 2-0-1
  • $13.50 for 2-1
  • $6.75 for 1-1-1