Magic: the Gathering

FNM: Pioneer

Notice: This event has been cancelled due to the Shelter in Place order in Alameda County. The order is until April 7, 2020. Depending on the situation on the ground, events may resume after that date. Stay Healthy! Wash your hands with soap regularly for at least 20 seconds. Don't touch your face. Practice social distancing. Do not hoard essentials, other people need them, too. Above all, don't panic. We will be delighted to serve you again when it is safe for our community.

  • Registration opens at 12 PM.
  • 3-4 rounds Swiss tournament
  • We will be using an 4th round opt out system similar to GP side events - at the end of the third round you may drop and take a Draw as your fourth round result for prizing purposes. Please ask an employee or judge for details
  • 100% payout in store credit
  • A premium promo pack will be given to 1st place, and two promo packs will be given to two random participants who play all rounds.