Keyforge Weekly Sealed

  • Sealed format
  • Regular REL
  • Sanctioned

The universe is vast, Archon. Just when you think you have seen it all, there are new things to discover. Many millennia ago, a group of reptilian beasts were brought to the Crucible, and within they were forged into the Saurian Republic. Do not be fooled by their savage appearance, for they are civilized, intelligent and cunning. New to the Crucible is the crew of the SAV Quantum, representatives of the Grand Star Alliance. It would seem they have found the Crucible by accident, and have hit upon the idea that forging Aembershards into Keys will allow them to return home. But we know better, Archons, for nothing in the Crucible happens by chance.

Discover new mechanics and synergies as the Houses of Mars and the Sanctum rotate out and usher in the Saurian Republic and the Star Alliance. At the beginning of the event, each player will receive a sealed Worlds Collide Archon deck to use in the tournament.