Keyforge Prime Championship

Something is amiss.

A violent maelstrom of unfathomable magnitude has now descended upon the Crucible. This is not a place for the weak and defenseless—you must stand your ground and fight, Archon! Unleash your power and defend yourself, or become a mere casualty to this hostile environment and the beasts that exploit it.

The air pulses and stings. The ground begins to tremble. Above in the atmosphere, a storm unlike any other grows and swells, inescapable and all-consuming. Tears in the very fabric of reality begin to form and start to swallow all forms of life as this turbulent monster begins its descent on the Crucible! Amidst this pandemonium, the insatiable Archons remain undeterred in their pursuit of hidden Vaults. It's during moments like these that the Archons are willing to risk everything for the chance to uncover these priceless treasures.

Archons, the time has come to show off your talents at Eudemonia's Prime Championship! At stake, you'll find a whole host of prizes, including tokens, deck boxes, play mats, keys, and Æmbershards! In addition, the one Archon who claims victory will earn an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship! And of course, the Prime Championship serves as a great way to earn more Power Levels on your chosen deck, with the Top 8 decks advancing to Power Level 2 and the decks of both finalists rising to Power Level 4.

The tournament format will be Archon Adaptive. Players will bring their own decks. After playing the first game of three, players will swap decks. If the player who won the first game wins the second game, they win the match. If the deck that won the first game wins piloted by the other player, players bid chains to play the winning deck in game three, with the player who owns the deck opening bidding at zero chains. Seating may be limited, preregistration is highly recommended. Save time and money by preregistering online. If you wish to preregister with store credit, please call 510-883-0814 and we will deduct the store credit from your account and add you to the event. Pregistration will be $20.00